Bosses Edit

Bosses are very powerful monsters that possess a massive amount of HP,deal high damage,and all have skills that deal massive damage to any entity that isn't its ally.

Spawning Edit

Bosses spawn when 500 monsters are defeated,and the counter will stop until the boss is defeated. You can't have multiple bosses spawned at the same time.Bosses spawn at the middle of the large summon circle.They will not attack their allies,AKA knights.

Drop chance Edit

Bosses,when defeated have a chance to drop as a hero ranked legendary with a skill (normal servers) or exotic with a skill and much more powerful then summoned ones.The chance is one percent,increased to two percent with a boost.

Current Bosses Edit

Infernus-Normal server only

Fridigius-Normal server only

Redcliff commander-Extreme server only

Frostguard general-Extreme server only

Headless horseman-Halloween extreme server only,limited time,currently unavailable.

Dyin-Galaxy event exclusive,unavailable.

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