These are the current codes for Summoner Tycoon on ROBLOX! As soon as one of them expires we will try to update this page right away. Same goes with new codes! We do not create codes, the developer does. All we are doing is telling you what codes work. We're only here to share the codes. It takes time for the codes to go into the game. There is really no point to ask for more codes!

Codes are used to redeem prizes

  • Codes can only be used once.
  • Expired codes do not always say "expired"; sometimes, they say "invalid." When you try to redeem a valid code that you have already used, you will be told: "You have already redeemed [code]."

I am only one person so please tell me if I missed any new codes, or a code has expired in the comments.

Code Reward
NewMap 1000 crystals
90000Reached 90000Reached give 500 ruby and a 20 minute boost
FREESWORD Crimson Sword

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