Currency Edit

The game's currency includes gold coins, diamonds, and rubies. With these types of currency's, you are able to upgrade your tycoon to give you a boost in stats, buy heroes, pets, and more! Gold coins is the primary currency (Easiest to get), following that are the diamonds which are secondary (More difficult to collect), and then there are rubies which you can collect from touching red or gold chests around the map when an enemy has been killed.

Gold Coins Edit

Gold coins are the main source of money in the game. They are extremely easy to get considering that all you have to do is defeat monsters. These gold coins can be used to upgrade your tycoon to increase your stats, and also they can be transferred into diamonds. You simply get more coins buy defeating bosses or rare monsters roaming the map. In the extreme server, you get more gold coins than you would usually get in the normal server. Killing a boss would get you around 900 gold coins.

Diamonds Edit

Diamonds are the secondary source of money in the game. To receive diamonds, you would defeat a monster but the amount of diamonds you get are very little. You would get around 1-10 diamonds from a monster. In the extreme server however, you get up to 5-20 diamonds each monster. With diamonds, you can purchase weapon crates, summoners (Heroes), and pets found in the shop.

Rubies Edit

Rubies are basically you're choice if you would like to have it. There are chests that spawn after a strong monster has been killed. Rare monsters drop red chests which give you even more rubies. Rubies can be used to purchase heroes, a pet, diamonds, and a weapon.

Converting Edit

You can only convert gold coins into diamonds. It requires 100 gold coins for 1 diamond. The options that are available are...

  • 1,000 Gold Coins = 10 Diamonds
  • 10,000 Gold Coins = 100 Diamonds
  • 100,000 Gold Coins = 1,000 Diamonds

To find out how many diamonds you would get from the amount of gold you have simply do (Amount of Gold Coins ÷ 100)

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