To avoid making our Wiki look like a rats nest, everyone must follow these rules.

Basic Rules

  • Your best grammar and effort is strictly required to edit any pages, categories, etc.
  • Everything must be ROBLOX appropriate here - absolutely no swearing at all.
  • Treat everyone with respect, especially the younger side of the community. No bullying, fighting, trolling, flaming, harassing, etc. If you notice something happening, do not add to the drama/fight.
  • No Robux trading allowed. If caught advertising on the wiki, you will only be warned once, then blocked from the wiki.
  • No Advertising. This includes links to Youtube videos/channels, outside websites, guild Discords, etc. Any links violating this rule will be removed. Informational and "How-to" videos are permitted, but only as part of a blog post.
  • None of these rules apply to designated trusted people.

Creating a Page

  • Before you create one, make sure to check if that page already exists. Duplicate pages are not allowed.
  • Do not create a page about yourself or other players. Example if you make "Why we love Summoner Tycoon"

Editing a Page

  • The first thing on the page MUST be the respectable infobox, before absolutely anything else.
  • Do not create a page w/o including any information for the infobox.
  • Include an "Overview" heading, which is where you describe the item and the stats, even if already included in the infobox.
  • You must Bold the first use of the page title. Example: "The Hero is...", but only the first use.
  • Unless given consent from them, editing another user's profile page is strictly prohibited.
  • Edits that are made for the sole purpose of increasing your edit amount, badge amount, achievement points, Leaderboard score, and/or exposure as a contributor must be productive and relevant edits. Edits for any other reasons are included.
    • Good example: "In Summoner Tycoon The boss has Skill" (save page) (This sentence is typed and saved all at one time.)
    • Bad example: "T" (save page)... "Th" (save page)... "The" (save page)... "The F" (save page) (and so on). (Do not create a sentence and save it one letter at a time.)

Including a Photo

  • Scenery photos cannot include any players, only the scenery.
  • Summon photos can only include the weapon and part of the Full body. If the summon is specifically big then you can show them in the sheathed state on the back.
  • Make sure that your cursor is out of the way for the best quality image.

Info box

No creating templates without permission from Philzard123, the TRUE founder of the Wikia.


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